"Simple WP Plugin Drives Gallons Of Hungry Buying Customers Through ANY Sales Funnel or Squeeze Pg Process Like Poop Thru A Goose!"


You can see that adding any Youtube or embedable video is almost instant!

Dear Viewer,

I just wanted to show you a brief overview of what SOME of the amazing features this crazy little plugin (little… this thing is MASSIVE inside… you have GOT to see how many graphics, options and abilities it actually has) has and how some of them will show up on a page. This is labelled in PT Instant as a Regular Landing Page, there are 2 others… a Mini-Squeeze Page and a Corporate Landing Page. Plus there is a huge assortment of other formats you can choose from… from legal pages to video sales/squeeze pages. All the internal layout elements are “Drag n Drop”

You can do:

  • all kinds of different bullet styles
  • and a lot, lot more… see below!

Here is another format for bullets:

  • Check these out
  • as there are 2 other colors and 3 other styles

How’s This For A Testimonial Box

Hi my name is Joe Blow and I find that using PT Instant is a WHOLE lot easier to use than Optimize Press PLUS it has a wealth of new and innovative features and tools that OP does not. Yahoo!

Daryl Austman


Shortcodes are simple ways to add interesting and vibrant features to your page:
Here is a timer set to go off on Christmas Morning Pacific Standard Time


Here is YOUR (finds the info for any visitor to your post/page/blog) Country:United States and your IP Address:

I could use the shortcodes to put a Google Map here, have a delayed viewing area (does not show till a certain time period) or even a VIRAL lock to prevent people from seeing something until they choose to SHARE it with their friends or followers.

There are a whack of different buttons (colors and styles):

And also a whole lot of arrows going on:

   even some guarantee bannersand Warning Signs too…

[Cool Feature Boxes Also]

  • Feature One
  • Feature Two
  • strong>Feature three

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